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Government Oversight of Grid Company DSM Activities in China

A paper published with Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) that draws on international experience to recommend six steps for establishing effective government oversight of the Chinese grid companies’ new demand-side management (DSM) activities.

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An Empirical Model for Predicting Electric Energy Efficiency Acquisition Costs in North America: Analysis and Application

An examination of the statistical model found from the empirical analysis of a large proprietary data set of energy efficiency administrator costs and savings. Also includes suggestions and examples on applications for the model.

Comprehensive and Cost-Effective: A Natural Gas Utility’s Approach to Deep Natural Gas Retrofits for Low Income Customers

Initial results and lessons learned from PGW’s Enhanced Low Income Retrofit Program (ELIRP).

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Walking the Walk: Considering Non-Transmission Alternatives in Utility Planning, Part Deux

Findings from an analysis of non-transmission alternatives (NTAs) to a bulk system 345 kV transmission line upgrade in Vermont. This paper is a continuation of utility planning activities in Vermont highlighted by a 2006 paper.

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Comparative Performance of Electrical Energy Efficiency Portfolios in Seven Northeast States

A comparison of savings yield, savings depth, and spending depth for electrical energy efficiency portfolios in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont.

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“Walking the Walk” of Distributed Utility Planning: Deploying Demand-Side Transmission and Distribution Resources in Vermont’s “Southern Loop”

The results of a study on demand-side management (DSM) as a least-cost option to meet the transmission and distribution (T&D) reliability needs of Vermont’s “Southern Loop”.

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Demand-Side Management Strategic Plan for Jiangsu Province, China: Economic, Electric and Environmental Returns from an End-Use Efficiency Investment Portfolio in the Jiangsu Power Sector

An overview of the vast opportunities for offsetting electric baseline and peak demand growth through cost-effective demand-side management (DSM) in the Jiangsu Province of the Peoples Republic of China. The paper also discusses efforts underway to build a policy structure that will allow energy efficiency to serve as a fundamental component of DSM.

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