At the Forefront of Energy Efficiency

Green Energy Economics Group, Inc., is a Vermont-based energy consultancy specializing in energy-efficiency and renewable resource portfolios investing in electricity and gas savings. GEEG provides technical and strategic assistance as well as expert testimony on gas and electric energy-efficiency portfolio development, design, analysis, planning, administration, implementation management support, oversight, performance verification and evaluation, performance incentive mechanisms, and regulatory and ratemaking treatment. John Plunkett and Francis Wyatt, PE, co-founded GEEG in 2005, having worked together since 1992 at other firms. Theo Love has been GEEG’s New York-based researcher and programmer since 2007.

Our current assignments focus on electric energy-efficiency investment in Vermont, gas efficiency investment in Philadelphia and Chicago, and on training and technical assistance in China.  We have also recently served clients in New York City and British Columbia.

Major Recent Assignments

    Efficiency Vermont

    policy advice and technical assistance since inception in 2000.

    Green Mountain Power

    program design, expert testimony and regulatory support for multi-year energy-efficiency investment in utility service areas.

    Philadelphia Gas Works

    program design, implementation planning, and regulatory support for natural gas efficiency portfolio.

    Wisconsin Focus on Energy

    DSM cost-effectiveness calculator development and application assistance for Shaw Engineering and Infrastructure.

    British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association

    expert testimony regarding adequacy of electric and gas DSM Plans by BC Hydro and FortisBC.

Our specialty at GEEG is proper economic and financial valuation of energy-efficiency and renewable resource investments, from planning to implementation.  We provide tools, technical support, training, and expert testimony for public, private and non-profit clients in the following areas:

> Potential Assessment

Assessment of the economically achievable potential for electricity and gas savings through demand-side investment in building energy efficiency

> Implementation

Design, development, and management support for implementation of electric and gas energy-efficiency programs

> Performance Analysis

Analysis of economic and financial performance of proposed energy-efficiency projects and portfolios