Francis Wyatt



Francis Wyatt brings almost 20 years of technical support and analytical experience in energy efficiency to GEEG’s clients. His background in DSM program planning ranges from critiques and analysis to assistance with design and implementation. He has particular expertise in the commercial and industrial sectors, and in the development of cost-effectiveness screening and modeling.

He has provided pivotal technical support for Efficiency Vermont, the nation’s first statewide energy efficiency utility, as well as assistance to Central Vermont Public Service and the Green Mountain Power Efficiency Fund. In China he has worked with Jiangsu Province to develop and implement Efficiency Power Plants (EPPs). He also provided economic analysis and technical support for an Asian Development Bank study of a $100 million loan in 2008 for an 18-year EPP re-lending project in China’s Guangdong Province. Francis has also provided analysis and support for GEEG’s testimony before utility regulators in Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, and British Columbia on energy efficiency portfolio economics and performance goals.

He and John Plunkett co-founded the Green Energy Economics Group in 2005.

Theodore Love


Theodore Love has a background in mathematics and computer science and has worked with organizations across various fields with project management, quantitative analysis, database system design, and original research. For the past five years, he has worked with GEEG on bringing rigorous economic and financial analysis to the energy efficiency sector.

At GEEG, He has provided key support roles in the development and implementation of Philadelphia Gas Work’s EnergySense portfolio of natural gas efficiency programs. In addition, he has utilized his background in database development to aid in the design and usage of tools for analyzing the economic and financial characteristics of energy efficiency projects, programs, and portfolios. In this capacity, he has worked on projects based in Vermont, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Canada, and China. He has also conducted original research on achieved savings by United States DSM administrators.